From Annual Reviews to covenant Enforcement

Community association law impacts the vast majority of citizens in Florida. Homeowner and Condominium Associations are more prevalent than ever before, and their governance can enhance or degrade entire communities.

Florida statutes provide very specific rules that associations must follow. The laws deal with everything from creating a budget or amending the rules to how an association can collect the non-payment of dues from its members.

Often the governing documents of a particular community are out of date or at least lack some of the modern provisions found in newer communities. It is important these documents reflect the community which they serve. An annual review of the governance of the association is advisable.

The lien provisions in Florida are a valuable tool for associations that may face budget shortfalls.

Along with the recession in years past, many associations faced budget shortfalls from members not paying their assessments. Florida law provides a mechanism to collect assessments from delinquent homeowners and provides for a procedure to lien the property of a non-paying member. The lien may later be foreclosed.

The lien provisions in Florida are a valuable tool for associations that may face budget shortfalls. The Cornerstone Law Firm understands the needs of associations and handles all manner of collections, liens and payment plans

Covenant enforcement actions sometimes become necessary when a particular lot or unit in the community doesn’t comply with the rules and regulations. From minor infractions such as poorly maintained landscaping to full-blown junkyards existing on the lawn, covenant violations can seriously impact the community and the value of homes.

Community Association Law Issues We Assist With

  • Lien Foreclosure Actions
  • Amending Declaration or Bylaws
  • Fair Housing Actions
  • Preservation of Recorded Documents
  • Governance and Best Practices
  • Condo Conversions
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Collections of Assessments
  • Covenant Revitalizations
  • Condominium Terminations